Concrete joists and slabs factory



The company GRUPO MENCHERO, has 2 factories whose principal activity is the manufacture and sale of concrete joists and slabs.

We have a modern factory with 8 tracks 100 meters long where we make the concrete prefabs.



Our joists and slabs are subject to the most rigorous and regular quality checks, done by approved laboratories, its have the certificates that guarantee their strength and durability.




Unlike plate forged plate , the particularity of binding by tongue and groove elements with other. In the case of forgings,
the plates are united in their support base, however, in the case of alveolar plates features, once concreted makes the entire slab acts as a continuous structural member.

In addition, the plate can be used in lengths that can cover large spans of wrought, this ensures their strength and stability from the very moment in which it is placing.




The advantages of alveolar plates are countless. In the work, it is impossible to reach the levels of quality and control involving the “factory prefabrication”, where our workers team makes the plates with the best guarantees, working with the most rigorous industrial techniques.

The alveolar slabs only need a component, the plate, these slabs remove most parts of the transport and subsequent collection of materials, so the work is faster.

In addition, the mounting is so simple and repetitive that makes the execution speed of work is extraordinary, increasing performance by operator.

From the moment it is put in work, the slab provides a sturdy surface on which to tread safely, making work more comfortable, easy and safe.

It is important to note the high shear strength that have the alveolar slabs, in the same condicions, the deformation is much less when the alveolar slabs are used.




Our slab can be used in multiple applications, both horizontal , vertical or inclined position.

In the horizontal position, the slab can be used like slab to floor, for to cover walkways and small bridges, for to cover tanks and channels, like a suspended floor…etc.

In vertical position, the slab can be applied in closings of facades, in the construction of retaining walls, to define the rooms and dividing walls, for enclosing fences and noise screens…etc.

If you want use it in inclined position, it can be used in the construction of stairs and ramps, stands and tribune…etc.




The values of acoustic insulation against airborne noise and noise normalized impact required by the relevant regulations , are guaranteed with the use of alveolar plate slabs.

The same applies if used as a partition element or enclosure where it can reduce very significantly the levels of noise pollution.

In the alveolar slab, each alveoli is an air chamber closed and sealed, so the thermal resistance is within the values required by the Regulations.